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A POLICE officer told the Magistrate’s Court in Kuala Lumpur today that he saw S.M. Faisal S.M. Nasimuddin’s ex-wife in fear, crying and complaining that she was beaten by the businessman when he went to the couple’s house in Desa Sri Hartamas, seven years ago.

Sergeant Saleh Omar Osman, 43, from the patrol car branch, Brickfields police headquarters, said he received a call from the control centre on November 22, 2015, about a fight at the house, and he proceeded there with his colleague.

The fourth prosecution witness said the gate to the house was open when he arrived and he saw a man standing in the driveway.

“The man allowed us to enter and when my colleague asked him if anything was wrong, he said: ‘nothing’.

“After that, a woman (Emilia Hanafi) came out of the house and showed me her arm, which was bruised. There were also bruises on her face.

“She was in fear, crying and complaining that her husband (while pointing to the man) had hit her. The man just kept quiet,” he said while reading out his witness statement at the trial of S.M. Faisal, who is charged with voluntarily causing injury to his ex-wife, Emilia Hanafi.




During examination-in-chief by deputy public prosecutor Nur Aishah Ahmad Zakiuddin, the witness identified the man as S.M. Faisal.

Saleh told the court that he then asked the victim to lodge a report at Sri Hartamas police station.

Meanwhile, when cross-examined by S.M. Faisal’s lawyer Akberdin Abdul Kader, the witness said he agreed with the lawyer’s suggestion that he did not arrest S.M. Faisal, despite having the authority to do so then, because he regarded it as a domestic matter.

However, Saleh disagreed with Akberdin, who said that on the day of the incident S.M. Faisal had told the officer that his wife attacked him and he had to defend himself, hence Emilia’s bruises.

S.M. Faisal is charged with voluntarily causing hurt to Emilia, 43, at a house in Desa Sri Hartamas, Brickfields, between 12.30pm and 4.30pm on November 22, 2015.

The charge framed under section 323 of the penal code and punishable under section 326A of the same code, provides for a maximum prison term of two years or a fine of up to RM2,000 or both, if convicted.

The hearing before Magistrate Nadia Othman continues tomorrow. – Bernama, August 1, 2022.

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